China’s Decent Factories Go Africa

  The CDFGA association is committed to helping African entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies connect with Chinese factories, Chinese products, Chinese companies or Chinese investors to help African people realize cooperation with Chinese factories and companies, so that Chinese factory products can enter the African market Or invest in the establishment of factories in Africa to promote a win-win situation between China and Africa, the joint construction of industries, and the development of Africa's industrialization.

Our main focus areas are agricultural production and planting, agricultural product processing, daily necessities trade, daily necessities processing, clothing and shoes production and processing, business model output, entrepreneurial structure guidance, etc.

Our team is divided into a Chinese team and an African team. The Chinese team is composed of the presidents of the Henan International Chamber of Commerce and the directors of its associations. It is responsible for connecting Chinese companies in the agriculture, home appliances, shoes and clothing, cross-border e-commerce, steel and other industries. The African team is mainly composed of consultants who come from the nation's chambers of commerce and economic and trade associations in Africa, and are responsible for connecting local companies that want to cooperate with Chinese companies.

Our business is divided into two types. The first is that we will regularly update the introduction and products of Chinese factories on our platform. African companies and individuals can purchase, apply to become agents or negotiate other cooperation. The second is that African companies and individuals can post cooperation requirements on our platform, such as what products they are seeking from China or what factories/investors they want to meet in China and our team will respond within 24 hours.

Our cooperation model is divided into three stages. The first stage is the product sales stage. We will meet the needs of both parties and then help connect the purchase agreement. The second stage is to help develop sales agents in various cities in Africa and build brands for the products of China factories. The third stage is to help Chinese factories and African companies to invest and build factories in Africa together, to help negotiate land, investment and tax policies etc.

Our development model, on the one hand, we gather excellent factories in various cities in China on our platform to help produce English promotional materials for more African companies and individuals to see. On the other hand, we welcome chambers of commerce and government officials in various African cities to become consultants on our platform, introduce factories on our platform to African companies and collect their cooperation needs to China. After the project generates benefits, the platform will benefit consultants.

In our previous docking cases, we helped African companies purchase agricultural tractor planters, rotary tillers, etc.; helped African clothing designers produce their designs in Chinese factories; helped UNAKU brand enter the Nigerian market to benefit local tailors and Stores and consumers, develop national brands in Africa.

Welcome to join us:
First of all, you can view the factories and products on our platform, connect with purchases and apply to become an agent.
Secondly, you can submit your cooperation needs on our platform, such as what products you want to buy from China, what factories you want to connect with in China, or what investors you are looking for.
Thirdly, if you are a business elite or an African Chamber of Commerce, Association, or government official, you are welcome to become our consultant and apply at our homepage. We promote this great cause together.