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Writer: admin Time:2021-06-19 10:46

Dear Sir/Madam,
Here we would like to introduce you our business plan at a win-win condition. For the past 5 years we have visited the South, west and east Africa. In Nigeria, we have been in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna. So we know how Chinese and Nigeria, Kenya and S.A. people work in business and so we wish our team can bridge the bilateral benefits.

This business plan is China’s Decent Factories Go Africa Project.
Our team has invested this project since 2019 and the focus of this project is to link China’s decent factories to go Africa market such as used cars factories, Agricultural machines and daily necessities factories. We have information technology engineers has developed an APP where Africa business men can download on their phone and check on the factories information and products for further collaboration.

There are three stages that how these factories on our app can go Africa. In the first stage, they will display their information and let our market survey team in Africa to search agents, wholesalers, or retailers to test the market by selling online or offline so as to understand how the market react to their products and adjust. In this stage, we need to have local employees and agents to help get the above agents for these factories and we share commissions with Nigeria and China side.

In the second stage, factories will know how to improve their products and start to distribute free stock to partner agents to large the market scale and share commission with partners or agents. In this stage we need stores, shops and chamber and government support too and share commissions like in the first stage.

In the third stage, factories will build their factories locally in Nigeria and boost the industry development locally. In this stage there will be manufacture capacity increasing. There will be more foreign investment from “decent factories go Africa” platform.
On this app/project, when people in Nigeria download this app, they can post what factories or products they want from China and my team will search for them too.

The reason our team build this app is because we see there is cultural difference between countries and China’s massive factories want to go aboard as China government now wants factories to go foreign countries since China market is too crowded with 1.3 billion people and Africa also wants to develop its industry capacity. But Chinese bosses don’t know Africa and Africa people don’t know how China people think so we wish our team and platform can gain trust from both side and benefit China and Africa countries.

For this project what we do is to have offices in each state of Nigeria gradually so to build team in each state and create employments and GDP and also rich Nigeria and China team. And we need agents in each state.